I decided to make a small version of the Retro Adapter, only supporting Sega Saturn control pads. I wanted something more portable to take with me instead of taking a PC gamepad.

See the main Retro Adapter page for more details. This circuit is identical, only the Atari and Nintendo connectors have been omitted.

schematic    stripboard
Fitting into case    Finished adapter

I had a spare enclosure left over from prototyping the Retro Adapter V2 which seemed like a good fit. It is about twice as tall as it need be, but did not require any modification to accept the Sega Saturn connector. Built the circuit on "Lab-Easy Quick-Pads", a type of stripboard which can be cut with ordinary scissors. This made cutting the board to fit the irregularly shaped enclosure much easier.

To prevent the parts from moving (particularly the Saturn connector) and protect the wiring from damage, superglue and hot-melt glue has been used. A cable tie acts as a strain relief on the USB cable.